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a convoy of humanitarian aid heads from russia to ukraine's blockaded city of lugansk off to moscow and kiev agreed to a red cross led mission. police said enraged crowds in the u.s. state of missouri and a second night of street violence over the police killing of an unarmed black teenager. in. the us is to send weapons to kurdish militia in iraq which is struggling to put heavily armed islamic state jihadists. and why has britain's biggest bank been pulling the plug on accounts belonging to syrian refugees and students.
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you're watching r.t. international we're coming to you live from moscow where it's now one pm here in the russian capital it's good to have you with us a convoy of aid from russia is on its way to the guns go a week after local officials declared a humanitarian disaster in the eastern ukrainian city kiev and moscow reached agreement on the mission which will be led by the red cross is on the russian ukrainian border. but here when you can call me roy has already started moving from a russian we expect to meet it here at the russian ukrainian border within that structure you know such as six hours after so this is a very big con which includes around three hundred cars and tons of the military and a good including food drinking water medicine blankets and some other things that people in troubled areas in ukraine may now need this are terrible and very hard
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situation shows in charge told us that because a teen raised not just clear but they are planning to travel all across the eastern and southern ukraine making stops as big and small cities in the country we just came back from lugansk in eastern ukraine and we have to say that the situation on the ground is very dramatic and very dangerous from humanitarian point of view over a city with a heavy of killing the shelling of the city continuing people have to shelter in the basements the power station was damaged and this is why there is nobody tricity in most of the city's districts connection is also very unstable this is why people cannot even call for help but it seems that so far the shortage of water is the biggest challenge for the residents those who didn't leave the city and the country let's not listen to these voices from the shells sixty three thirty in the region you don't want to be with you soon you know the very beginning of the rebels and the reporter who took my mother the car solution far from children then you get the
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when you can use the time of your bugle problem with the guards we heard accusations from kiev that this is not a humanitarian aid but in such a way russia is trying to send its troops and weapons to you craig but just on monday the red cross confirmed that it went through all necessary details and agreements with the russian side also adding that they are also pledging to send their own humanitarian aid to ukraine but later. people living in the two key cities in care of the military sites are being told to leave their homes and ukraine security forces say they're preparing a major offensive to retake done yet the new ganske where local militia one of massive counter attacks. this video from a town in the region apparently shows the aftermath of recent shelling it's a residential area that appears to have been struck for residents in these regions aerial assault is a daily threat which ukrainian forces and local militias blame on each other.
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international rights groups and journalist organizations is stepping up the pressure over the disappearance of a russian photographer in ukraine understand went missing a week ago he denies reports that he's been held by security services colleagues of the thirty three year old journalist a drawing public attention to his plight with an online campaign hash tag for. now the un expressed its hope that the ria novosti news agency reporter will be found safe the new york based committee to protect journalists is calling for stand ins a media release and here's the reaction from human rights watch stressing that andre has to be freed because there have been no charges pressed against him the european security watchdog also insists he has to be released condemning the practice of arresting journalists. to r.t. dot com for constant updates on the for the missing journalists and other developments in eastern ukraine we've got background analysis and stories of what it's really like to live through the conflict. just ahead for you here on r.t.
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international brussels muscles in latin america to stop it stepping in to replace the e.u. goods by russia. to gas and rubber bullets being fired at crowds in the u.s. state of missouri as protests over saturday's fatal shooting of a black teenager by a policeman continue to turn violent the eighteen year old was unarmed when he was gunned down in the city of ferguson and is to see it is there for ati pensions chaos and mayhem really have been unraveling here in suburban st louis in the town of ferguson we witnessed tear gas being. hired at just a couple dozen people standing around on a street where of course people have been coming out on to the street in the hundreds and thousands since the killing of an unarmed eighteen year old michael brown took place here the community is outraged because the young man had no weapon
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however he was fired at multiple times by a police officer and he died as a result of this people have been coming out on to the streets protesting violence has been erupting and most certainly we can get in front of our eyes to d.t.r. gas was fired at least twice and one of those times when the numbers of people in the street really had died down it was only just a couple dozen people who live in this neighborhood and the police had issued several warnings that they would fire tear gas and they in fact proceeded to do this and of course we do not expect any of these tensions to die down because the locals that we've spoken to most certainly intend to continue coming out to protest in outrage of what happened and while we don't know exactly what unravelled the police have been claiming that an altercation took place between michael michael brown and this police officer but many of the details remain a big mystery including the identity of this police the police officer who we know
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now is currently on the green even this is something that the local community wants to change they want to see accountability happen to certainly police misconduct and police brutality has been a huge issue in this country throughout the last several years. well in the series across what's happening in ferguson city missouri of course you can follow her on twitter for updates as they happen on pictures from the scene. in. the united nations has appointed an expert panel to investigate suspected war crimes on both sides during the latest conflict in gaza israel's come out strongly against the move accusing the inquiry of bias before it even started his own middle east correspondent paula selena. well is what has caused the united nations human rights council a kangaroo court it comes after the announcement from the council that it was appointing a three member panel to investigate allegations of possible war crimes now the
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decision follows an announcement that was made several weeks ago by the head of the council in navi pillay and she said at that time that there is the strong possibility that israel is violating international law and that will powers should hold israel accountable for possible war crimes she went on to point out that the israelis had hit schools and hit homes and hospitals gaza's only power plant you in premises and that all of this was in violation of the geneva conventions the u.n. chief thank you moon has also in the past spoken out in the harshest terms against israel accusing it of hitting particularly in schools where thousands of gazans who have been displaced by the monthlong fighting were seeking refuge now israel has responded by calling this forty seven member state forward in the words of the country's foreign minister he said it was a terrorist rights council and that its investigations and conclusions were predictable israel excuses the un of being
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a biased against it and what these radio argument is is that it is him us who should be investigated for what they call double war crimes number one firing rockets at israel and number two using civilians as human shields. the month long conflict has claimed more than nineteen hundred lives and has left gaza in ruins tens of thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged by israeli strikes universities hundreds of schools and mosques were reduced to rubble reports say half a million people have been displaced that's almost a third of the population for more than a million civilians there's no fresh drinking water. now openly supporting the plight of palestinians in gaza has got a couple of hollywood stars in trouble it's rumored that there will be cruise and her husband having a bar dam could be blacklisted for speaking out stories on our website r.t. dot com. he is reportedly planning to put pressure on latin america to stop it from boosting its agricultural
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exports to russia in response to sanctions moscow imposed a food embargo on a range of e.u. products and countries like brazil and chile a big canvas to step in and fill the gap well let's go live to our europe correspondent peter oliver who joins us now peter good to see you so it seems then that brussels doesn't want latin america to make the most of this opportunity well what we're hearing is that brussels is likely to try and contact central and southern american countries to ask them not to try and undercut the market not to try and sell fruit vegetables meat other things that were banned under the the agricultural embargo that russia put in place to try to for europe and other nations to not try and sell those type of things to them so what we're going to see though is that countries like brazil russia already has a long history of trading with is already setting up nineteen more meat processing
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plants it's expected that they're going to be the country that russia goes to in order to get its beef and it's pork countries like chile as well it's going to be a great resource of fish what we're hearing from here in europe though where these farmers and people who produce these type of food stocks the ones that are going to be missing out is well those that represent them saying that basically they didn't think about the brussels in the united states particular didn't think about the effect it was going to have on business when the imposed sanctions on russia. when making a decision to impose sanctions on russia the e.u. should have realized businesses will have problems with russia won't let it go and will take responsive measures which we're paying right now we need access to the markets it would help solve the deadlock situation in which for example the fruit sector is in. well elsewhere what we're seeing from poland is they're preparing to lodge a complaint with the w t o the world trade organization against russia's decision
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to block the import of their goods that particular apples from poland russia says that exactly what they're doing is completely in line with w t o guidelines and that there was well there was no complaints the w t o when sanctions were imposed upon russia also we understand that poland has contacted the united states and asked them to buy their apples fruit and vege is a huge market in that part of eastern europe it's something that they are set to pinch from this blockade from russia. and of imports by russia they're the ones that are going to feel the heat from the us but what we are seeing right now is the fallout from these tit for tat sanctions being imposed on russia and then when russia said that they're going to ban the import of the foodstuffs from europe and other countries which are all of a thank you very much fears of a jihadist threat in europe saying one of its biggest banks turned on its account
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holders britain's h.s.b.c. is under fire for targeting syrian students on refugees without explanation we'll tell you more about that in a few moments. the stories we cover here knocking. back story. there's a reason they don't want you to know. now let's break the set. those of us are we believe that maybe. the soon to secure in. your party years ago. questions that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . do
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we speak your language. programs in documentaries in arabic it's all here on. the two teams in the world talks of v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing story for you. the arabic to find out more visit or a big. dog called. you're watching r t international now there's pessimism at the pentagon over the effect and effectiveness of america's airstrikes against islamic state fighters and senior military officers believed that unlikely to affect the jihadist overall abilities in syria and iraq saying the strikes would only have a temporary effect and a more comprehensive approach is needed for now though washington says it will all militia forces in iraq's kurdistan to help prevent the area falling fully to the
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islamists who are tightening their grip with their self declared caliphate light weaponry and i munitions will be dispatched there are questions about what kind of much they'll be against heavily armed islamic state fighters. reports. thousands of iraqis are helpless in the face of terror from the islamic state that you hide in militants are ruthless and well armed they say hard us forces in iraq are probably the strongest the hardest forces in the region and in the world they are equipped with advanced american weapons and that's how they were able to ethnic cleansing minorities christian and it's the the minorities from many areas in kurdistan or south of kurdistan and now they're attacking kurdistan u.s. officials see no alternative to sending weapons to combat the extremists who now fight with american weapons you cannot confront isis with flowers at the same time flooding an already deeply divided country with more well. that fire in the future
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. there is no american military solution to love crisis in iraq the only way. is for iraqis come together and form an inclusive government president obama may want a unified iraq but the kurds have long wanted out and arming kurdish militia forces could lead to a permanent breakup of iraq any peaceful said state of the currents of iraq would like to bring to the region that world this day and multi-ethnic cities as well as major world they see both kurdish and testing cared for now is pressing as the current defense the dar the question is whether the weapons by the defense today. in washington to track down are. all american weapons of constantly made their way into iraq during the past fifteen years the united states left behind billions of dollars worth of military gear when it withdrew from the country when there's
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a mistake militants captured major cities like mosul earlier this year they also seized weapons and equipment which the iraqi army left behind such as u.s. made tanks trucks and helicopters and now washington's sending the kurds some light weapons and ammunition political activist right jarrod told us the u.s. is pumping in money to thwart an offensive it created the conditions for in the first place. on the one hand we see the u.s. look eating hundreds of millions of dollars to support fund and train opposition groups in syria the same time the us is supporting the central government against the armed opposition groups in iraq the confusing part is that. groups behind the uprising in syria and iraq are linked you know and armed opposition fighters in iraq is considered an enemy of the united states but once they cross
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the border to syria they are funded and armed by the united states definitely foreign interventions and foreign agendas in the region have opened the doors wide for all of these extremist groups. mixed it is a small group with five to ten thousand soldiers mostly on pickup trucks they took out thirty five percent of iraq's territory in a week or so more news from around the world now in severe water shortages in colombia have sparked clashes there were arrests and injuries as crowds demanded the government do more to tackle the crisis dry weather and he waves have been causing increasingly severe droughts some areas have gone almost a year without rain colombians are also angry over high water taxes bad infrastructure and the contamination of supplies. the intense search is underway after hundreds of prisoners escaped to an overcrowded jail on the outskirts of haiti's capital three hundred twenty nine inmates escaped during an attempt to free
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the son of a prominent businessman who is being held on kidnap charges a large reward being offered for information leading to his capture police have so far managed to find ten of the other prisoners and may have fled across the border . now britain's biggest bank is being accused of ethnically singling out its clients human rights groups have revealed a pattern of abuse at h.s.b.c. which has been closing accounts belonging to syrian refugees and students living in the u.k. met with some of those being financially frozen out. i've never expected that you know so that was a very shocking american from here on to what my car and just one of my car when i called the bank around i discovered that you know there was a word that michael was floating images from syria he's in the u.k. on a student visa studying at london's institute of education in december his h.s.b.c. bank account was suddenly closed with no explanation they said that you know our
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records sure this decision by the bank is not based on you as a customer i believe you find it hard not to think about it discrimination and he never made any transfers to syria not not even outside i'm not from the regime i'm just a student here so why don't why you like. targeted the u.s. the e.u. and the arab league have all imposed sanctions on syria first of all this is the little bird was of course an investigation by the independent newspaper revealed that a number of syrian citizens living in the u.k. have received letters from the bank telling them that their accounts would be shut down h.s.b.c. cited increased requirements concerning payments to and from sanctioned countries two years ago h.s.b.c. was fined nearly two billion dollars by the u.s. after it was discovered that mexican drug money was being laundered through its
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accounts the bank now says that it follows a five tear assessment system of its customers but critics say that in trying to stay out of more trouble the high street bank has been overzealous and h.s.b.c. spokes person told r.t. . h.s.b.c. is committed to adopting in enforcing the most effective standards to combat financial crime across its operations globally this applies to customers with links to a country that is subject to international financial sanctions it's not just syrians living in the u.k. who have been left on able to access that cash though last month h.s.b.c. closed the accounts of three muslim organizations one of the groups has said they believe their stance on the conflict in gaza may have triggered the move h.s.b.c. didn't outline a specific reason for the account closures but said that the organizations fell outside of what they called that risk appetite now the banking giant that calls
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itself the world's local bank could face a formal grilling in parliament to get to the bottom of the accusations of discrimination by ethnicity playboy. now a swedish father has taken a unique approach to teaching his kids about the dangers of playing violent video games by taking his young sons to syria on the west bank to see the real effects of war back home he's being vilified as a bad dad we'll tell you why on our website. also on line for us state department staff have been getting a tough ride one hosting q. and a's now their bosses are getting them coaching lessons costing half a million dollars so they can perform better following a string of embarrassing displays all online at alton dot com. now with money tied greeks have been literally pulling the plug power consumption has slumped and the state run electricity industries being lined up for privatization as marine
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across the river reports the industry's workers deeply worried about their futures . i. buy marches strikes and power cuts this is how electricity workers are responding to go . and crimes to liberalize the greek energy sector to understand their concerns would travel to one of the largest mining areas in the country the plants here i'm telling my that and the surrounding areas used to produce seventy percent of electricity while they cannot make prices slashed overall demand and the national output dropped to roughly fifty two percent having said that the public power corporation remains the main employer here and people living in these areas fear that with this privatization the government is not only slowly selling the public well but it is also jeopardizing their livelihood which has already been dealt a blow. to the less than they already expropriated our land for public interest
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without even asking we're talking about one bigger than the size of up until now locals were given preferential treatment because of that whereas the guaranteed go to private investor will choose to employ these people this place could become that there is no security will be slaves and dependent on. greece currently owns over fifty one percent of the country's biggest electric power company but its plan and suspend all thirty percent to comply with its bailout conditions said by the european union and for national monetary fund it's a move they all believe will attract investment increase capital flows and improve quality as well as efficiency and the sector. we have successful examples of privatization the arguments you hear now against this are the same that were used during the partial privatization of the main telecoms provider in the end we got great results for the greek people lower prices and higher quality and in this case too we'll see how successful competition will result in higher quality of service
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for all but back in the mining fields people are not convinced and even though the government promises that only good can come out of this it's falling on deaf ears thank you very. soon to turn the government has been saying not a single public workable before that thousand. well let go they said salaries won't be lowered but they were by over fifty percent this government never tells the truth no one believes them anymore and the money they will get from the sale will go to the public power corporation not the government and it will only equal one year's profit or. greeks are having a hard time letting go of a company which contributed to the growth of their economy for sixty years but since the government has gone ahead with this privatization plans these people are going ahead with their rotating blackouts hoping that one day their opinion will be taken and some accounts merino call survive reports in from greece for r.t. . coming up next to an r.t.
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international max and stacy get tough with the people who are failing with the finances stay with us for the kaiser report. it was a. very hard to take a. look at that act with a fair number.
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of. you've got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially in the public appearances but. they weren't explicitly political you were just supporting sports one of the scenes that certain people regime has become very adept at is controlling the media for example right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think we have an agenda i think through is is bought and paid for.
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in reality radiation is still there any to skilling our children dying also hard conditions asked no leukaemia but feel stories are still hiding the truth for most still and i don't know why don't they have children on their own because you heard so much to know the two counts protect our children from this. your friend posts a photo from a vacation you can't afford college different. the boss repeats the same old joke of course you like. your ex-girlfriend still pens tear jerking poetry keep. ignoring. the post only what really matters. to your facebook news feed.
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welcome to the kaiser report imax kaiser you know victor hugo once wrote there is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world and that is an idea whose time has come. stacey max the time has come to stop caring about whether the markets are hitting all time new highs or whether they're hitting all time new lows on various tumbling markets or what the political and banking elite even think because an idea has come and that is the headline reads bitcoin to earth don't look now but your paradigm is shifting historians may look back on these current days with fascination we may be living through the beginning of one of the biggest paradigm shifts in modern human.


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